your TIME

Time is limited what would you do then? We ask Japanese men and women all of ages so as to make them consider what you would do. In these questions sets a time limit of their time as 100 years 10 years and a day in the question and approach to get to the heart by reducing time.

For the purpose of the film was designated to motivate employees who works at The Ryukyu Bank. With asking question by reducing time leads to know precious things what you want make it true and what should be done. These words in the end of the film” time is precious just like money.” Means connecting the meaning as using time and money. Connecting with using time and money, simply want you use money just like time.


”Bank of The Ryukyus Brand movie “

■ Creative Director & Planner : Tomohiro Fukuda [Fukuda Design]
■ Director :  Hitomi Kodama
■ Producer :  Norikazu Shimazaki [Wonder land House]
■ Camera Lighting : Akihito Nitta [sat]
■ Editor : Atushi Mazaki [inten]
■ Mixer : Mitsuhiko Kitagawa [Kyusyurokuon center]
■ Pianist : Shingo Oshiro
■ Copy : Tomohiro Fukuda [Fukuda Design]
■ Client : Bank of The Ryukyus, Limited
■ Account : Shingo Nakandakari [Seiko]

Special Thanks : Collaborators