TV-Commercial / こどもと哲学 / Children and Philosophy

We asked philosophical questions to local children that even adults would have a hard time answering. Questions such as what is love, what is happiness, what is the meaning of being an adult, and what is the meaning of being a child were asked and we put the children unique ideas and remarks together into a TV Commercial. Providing a good education for your children is essential to secure their future.


TV-Commercial 150’/ 琉球銀行 教育ローン / 2013-2015

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Children and Philosophy / English ver.

”Children and Philosophy “

■ Creative Director : Tomohiro Fukuda
■ Director : Gan Tamaki [Lights]
■ Editor : Satoshi Kuwae [Lights]
■ Camera : Akihiro Nitta / Camera Assistant : Hiroaki Ono [sat]
■ Lighting : Susumu Uehara [AND]
■ Hair and Make Up : Makiko Kinjo
■ Casting : Itoko Kinjo , Shingo Nakandakari
■ Pianist : Natuki Fukuyama
■ Voice Actress : Yasuko Tomishima (RD-CM)
■ Logo Design : Tomohiro Fukuda
■ Client : Bank of The Ryukyus, Limited
■ Account : Shingo Nakandakari
■ Agency : Seiko Corporation

Special Thanks : Children